description // concept

This project includes a poster and corresponding cookbook

intended to persuade busy parents to incorporate quality time with their children into their daily lives. The planned recipes section of the cookbook clearly lists instructions for both the parent and child to complete, which promotes teamwork. A generational recipe section of the book allows parent and offspring to record family recipes. This section encourages the child to draw the meal while the parent writes the ingredients
and instructions. 
During the research phase of this assignment,

I discovered that parents in the United States work more hours than ever before, which reduces time spent with the family.
I found evidence that suggests quality time 
trumps quantity
time when it comes to family matters, 
and therefore I set out to find a way for parents to bond with their kids while doing daily activities that need to be completed regardless.

year of completion



Branding, illustration, layout design

project type

Branding and book design