nico nico music festival

description // concept

This set includes designed pieces that fit together as
a music festival kit. A branded mailer box houses a wristband with RFID chip for festival entry, as well as a printed booklet
and sticker. This kit was intended to be delivered to the homes
of music festival attendees. An optional iPhone application
can complement or substitute the printed booklet, and gives attendees the option to go the paperless route. The app also allows for purchasing tickets and activating wristbands ahead
of time. In both the booklet and app, maps, schedules and
other infographics help attendees have a safe and fun festival experience. I wanted the aesthetics of this system to be quirky, bold and reminiscent of old-school California styles, while maintaining a music inspired grungy, punk vibe. As a set or independently, these pieces are identifiable by the bright, cohesive color palette and bearded man graphic.​​

year of completion



Branding, packaging, illustration, UX design

project type

Branding and systems creation