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description // concept

The Pottybox is a puppy training system intended to aid in the process of housebreaking pets. It allows pet owners to get their furry friends comfortable with doing their business on grass, even during the busiest of times and in the most inconvenient of places. From inside the genuine wood box, the synthetic but convincingly-authentic grass can be removed and hosed down easily. Finished with
a slide-top lid, leather reinforcement band and rope handle, it can be effortlessly packed up and transported anywhere. A bag of treats accompany the Pottybox, and are meant to be used as a reward in conjunction with the training system. I recognized that potty training pets can be a stressful and frustrating time, so I set out to find
a solution to this problem and approached it with humor and elevated materials.
I decided silly graphics alongside a simple, bold logo would look best in a limited, neutral color palette, and the Pottybox training system was born.

year of completion



Branding, product packaging, illustration

project type

Branding and systems creation

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